Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is Me Going Whole Hog

So I've resisted all social networks except Facebook, WEbook and YouTube (which I don't think counts anyway) up to this point. I'm not sure why exactly . . . Maybe because I feel technology-illiterate some days. Maybe because I'm pretty sure my life isn't interesting enough to sustain more than one website at a time. Maybe because I got some sort of self-righteous satisfaction from believing that I didn't believe I was interesting enough to sustain multiple websites. Who knows, really?

But I really want this blog to get a little attention. The point is to produce some work that I can really be proud of, that I can really submit with the label "My Best Work" attached to it, and for that I need feedback (or at least encouragement). So, with that goal in mind, I have created a Twitter account to serve this blog/me/my WEbook AND I added a little "Follow" button under my "About Me" which I think means I have more than fulfilled my technology quota for the day.

The Twitter account will (should) be useful for anyone who wants to be notified about what's coming up and what's been served up. So if that applies to you, you'd best get yourself over to Twitter because the first Tweet is up.

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