Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is When I Have Nothing Too Nice to Say so I Say Very Little

So very little has happened of note recently, but I do have three things (well, two and a half) to report.
  1. The blog for the Underground (the creative writing club I've been co-founding with two good friends of mine on my University's campus) is finally up (sans bios, but those will appear soon) and functional. I've written a couple posts there already and it should be updated fairly often (if not regularly). It can be seen here: http://thegyrepoint.wordpress.com/. I will also be adding the URL to my link list for reference at a later date. For the curious: it will reveal this in my bio (when I finally post the darn thing), but I go by "Atropos" on the blog.
  2. I am about to post the first three chapters of Clocker--finally!--as soon as I finish editing the dialogue a little more (I made a decision: I'm going to leave out any/all profanity until publishing). It will appear as three tabs at the top of the page. Unfortunately that's basically all I have written right now (and I'm two chapters behind for my class), but I'm trying to remedy that situation as quickly as possible.
          And 2½ . . . I'm twenty as of yesterday. Yay. I feel old, but I know that's a little ridiculous so I'm keeping my mouth shut.

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