Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is the Party Getting Started

You will have noticed that I have done absolutely nothing with Reah. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I hope to get back to her soon, but now an even more intimidating project is looming. National Novel Writing Month (NaNo and/or NaNoWriMo) is here and I am determined to participate despite my literature and creative writing classes, newspaper and literary magazine submissions which will be due during November, and my (brand spanking new) Senate secretary responsibilities. I'm determined.

Last year I participated in NaNo for the first time and completed about 65,000 words in my novel Iron Shoes (which, unfortunately, is still not complete) and I loved it. It helped organize my life and got me motivated so I'm hoping it will do that for me again (granted, this November it is a much larger task).

That being said, I am nowhere near prepared for to crank out my next novel. I don't have an outline, or even a summary. Or a title. That's my goal for my allotted 1667 words today-get this party started.

Here's what I do have: Sky pirates. Kidnapped bride. Circus animals. Flying contraptions (heavy steampunk influence). Cigar smoke and steam. Also giant golden eagles and anti-romantically romantic romance. And BIG guns.

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