Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is a Real, Honest-to-Goodness Glimmer of Hope

Two days in a row actually fulfilling my word count, what? And I am becoming more attached to this tale every day. I keep forecasting that someone will get kidnapped, but I'm having too much fun developing my main character's home life for that to happen yet.

No excerpt today as nothing thrilling happened, but tomorrow our heroine will venture into an open animal market and may (though I won't confirm anything) try to purchase a harpy. Yeah, this story has half-women, half-vulture creatures too. But, honestly, what did you expect when I said circus animals? Surely you didn't think I'd stick to lions, tigers and bears?


  1. I wonder what became of that glimmer of hope...

  2. At this point I'm asking the same question. Hoping to track it down this weekend.